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FARO is a healthcare management advisory firm that helps your organization break through the noise, make sense out of existing data and come up with solutions that improve it’s bottom line while adding value to your customers.



Health Information Technology


We provide our partners with best in-class business intelligence technical assistance to:

  1. Organize existing medical and pharmacy claims and encounter datasets

  2. Complete data quality efforts

  3. Provide actionable interfaces to inform executive decision-making

  4. Make sense of clinical and operational gaps in care

Payment Reform & Healthcare Value Innovation


We put clinical evidence at the center of every program we deliver for our business partners. It is through these data elements aligned with local reimbursement and regulatory frameworks that we implement people-centered care models.


Managed Care Services

Pharmacy Benefits & Trend Management


We do deep dives into Rx claims datasets and determine which levers will help us improve Rx product mix and trend profiles. We bridge the gap between the medical and pharmacy benefits.


Our team of experts will support your organization on:

  1. PBM Audits


  3. Formulary Design & Impact Analytics

  4. Pharmacoeconomic CEA & Rebates Optimization Medicare Part D Bids & Compliance

Strategy & Health Policy


We educate and build value stories in support of our healthcare clients.


We leverage our own internal clinical data-sets and apply our unique mix of financial and health economics modeling techniques to inform policy.



We have a vision for what the future of healthcare should be

  • We believe healthcare can be made simple and more efficient

  • We believe healthcare can reward people for being healthy, while also encouraging innovation

  • We create value communicating a strategy that challenges the status quo, by making sense out of complex ideas


Our goal is to drive Integrated Care through provider Payment Reform while improving Patient Outcomes

  • Our end-game is to create aligned financial incentives and shared-value for our business partners

  • We design and implement strategies to effectively manage complex disease states and high impact conditions



Our team of experts and collaborators work with you to maximize budgets while optimizing quality of care

  • Clinical epidemiologists and health economists

  • Certified accountants and financial experts

  • Health IT and BI/analytics engineers

  • Clinical thought-leaders and practicing physicians

  • Legal and government affairs experts

  • Health insurance and PBM experts

  • Pharmaceutical marketing and access experts

  • Certified project managers



FARO, LLC has offices in San Juan with expert collaborators in Chicago, Mexico City, Bogotá and São Paulo.


601 Fernández Juncos Ave.  1st floor, San Juan PR 00907


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